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8 Reasons Why Your Wardrobe Must-Have Ethnic Wear

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Indian ethnic wear is timeless, versatile, and elegant. Ethnic wear is an umbrella term for all kinds of traditional outfits, each type of ethnic design has been so dynamic, as our fashion trends change, traditional outfits too have been modified, yet have remained classic over time. You can pull off any ethnic outfit at all occasions, it’s an effortless way to look classy and elegant. With the rise of the western-trend, there have been tons of ways you could off something ethnic. If you are more on the fashionable side or want to stick to something more mainstream it’s always easy to find your pick when it comes to ethnic wear. 

Here are some reasons why an ethnic piece is a must-have in your wardrobe.

  • Evergreen Fashion: Ethnic wear has been worn for hundreds of years and probably will still be worn in the years to come. It has survived every fashion era and has been the fashion statement many icons swear by. With the reemergence of the whole “Indo-Western” era, ethnic pieces have seen a  huge spike in sales, not just in India but all around the globe. Many people choose to shop for ethnic wear online as well. It is a surefire fashion statement you can always fall back on.
  • Something for Every Occasion: Whether it’s a formal office evening, your next office trip, a wedding, reception, or just a movie date, the versatility of ethnic clothing makes it a sure choice for all the occasions you can think of. Since Ethnic wear comes with so many different patterns, prints, and materials there are so many options you can choose from depending on the occasion. 
  • Brings out your elegance: Nothing speaks elegance more than a perfectly draped saree outfit. While the draping itself is a task, the modern iterations of a saree gown or a pre-draped saree dress make it easier for women to flaunt this classic look.
  • Changing with Times: Western fashion is more about the suave style, elegant cuts, and high-end fashion, whereas traditional fashion is all about glamour, opulence, and gorgeousness. With time, both these fashions have come together to offer us the best of both worlds. Now, ethnic wear is not just about those traditional sarees or lehengas, it has evolved into pre-draped sarees, fancy salwar suits, saree gowns, etc. 
  • Versatility: It’s true, you can wear an ethnic outfit anytime, anywhere! It’s just about choosing the right pattern, print, and design. With its fusion with western attire and birthing the “Indo-western” trend, choices have never been easier to make and with online stores such as Blush Pink Clothing, accessibility has been spot on. Long gone is the bulky and pesky method to drape a saree, with the advent of different forms of sarees, they have become the go-to choice to make a statement.
  • Office Wear as well: Salwar suits, Kaftan gowns, and simple Kurtis provide the poise of Ethnic wear without being bulky and elaborate, giving you the comfort to move as much as your office life requires. It gives off formal vibes while being comfortable and with the confidence ethnic wear provides, it could always be your choice to wear at your next board meeting.
  • A fashionista’s favorite: Today, Skirts are an absolute favorite for every woman. The happy nature of these lovely outfits makes you feel a lot younger. They are so versatile that they can be paired up with a crop top/blouse, long Kurtis, shirts, etc. So on your next shopping expedition, add some skirts to your cart and go creative with your look. 
  • Can be mixed and matched: Gone are those days where ethnic outfits were only worn with the sets they came in. Indo-western is very popular now. Teaming up a print on print or go crazy with a lehenga and tee-shirt or even pair your jeans with a saree blouse. Just like there are no limits to creativity, ethnic fusion fashion works in the same way. 

We can’t convince you enough on these key outfits. If you have not owned an ethnic out before and wish to start off with something more simple yet elegant or if you already own a ton of outfits and just want to add to your collection, you would certainly find your perfect pick at Blush Pink Clothing!

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