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Finding The Perfect Party Wear Saree Gown for You

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Saree is almost synonymous with traditional Indian fashion. For generations, it has been a staple in every woman’s closet. Although saree has its own unique identity, it has been improvised and has evolved to suit the latest fashion trends in the industry. Many Indian icons have sported and designed various versions of an “on-trend” saree. The changing persona of women has significantly impacted saree fashion.  

Saree designs have been dynamic and versatile. Women have been wearing sarees not just in daily life but also on special occasions like weddings, festivals, formal events, etc. You can always find your party wearing a saree gown or a formal saree to match your unique style. As we know, saree fashion has been modified to keep up with the fashion trends of each generation. And what better way to blend tradition and modernism than a chic yet subtle party wearing Indo western saree that is crafted with great care and perfection. Take a look at a comprehensive guide curated to help you choose the perfect attire.

1. Pattern & Fabric:

The pattern of a saree is its most crucial aspect. The pattern must be similar to any ordinary gown. When choosing a fabric it is important to select one that is flowy enough and make sure it has enough room, so that it suits your body type. You can opt for chiffon, crepe, or georgette that have an elegant sheen and are also light in weight. All plain or geometric patterns are quite on-trend and work well for parties, be sure to try them out for your next special occasion.


2. Color:

Colour is one of the most prominent aspects of any saree. Choosing the right color can really boost your look. Although you are free to choose any color you like, it’s best to stick to the ones that amplify your skin tone and fit the type of occasion you would wear it at. Bright & vibrant colors are typically an ideal choice when it comes to party wear dresses for Indian weddings or festivals.


 Listing down some of our absolute favorite party wear saree gowns.

  1. Checks Tassel Draped Saree Gown:

The indo-western style has been all the craze this season. Wish to combine your saree with a jacket? Why not? Our party wear saree gown paired with a well-altered jacket is a perfect pair. It perfectly combines traditional, classy, and trendy. This modern look is sure to fetch you some compliments this festive season. It’s time to go bold and let your look speak for you.


2. Simply Splendid Saree Style Gown:

You would certainly feel like a queen in our cape-style saree gown. It is a saree style gown that is paired with a cape and a waist-defining belt. This modern touch is just what you need if you want to amp up your look for any party occasion. Taking up from belted lehengas, belted saree gowns worn with a cape is all the talk this season. It is the most effortless way to look like a million dollars! It’s time to glam up your look with elegance and add a bit of jazz to your traditional yet fashionable saree look. This piece is also extremely detailed with intricate embroidery. This design has made its way into every woman’s wish list this season.


3. Flora:

Who knew just one gown could be worn in so many different ways! This saree is like no other! his chic, intricately crafted indo western gown comes with an embroidered cape and a stylish belt to accentuate your look. One of the most subtle ways to nail this ethnic outfit is to drape it like a saree. 

There are numerous options you can choose from when looking out for a saree to suit your style. Trendy can always be your style when you choose the right saree that matches your persona. Providing you with the best of options, at Blush Pink Clothing you would definitely find your perfect saree match. Long/short and some with an added belt are our go-to designs at the moment and we are sure you’d love them! So go ahead get spoilt for choice at Blush Pink Clothing. You can also visit us at exhibitions across India around the year.

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