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Here’s How to Pull off an Impressive Glam Look in Western Sarees

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There are times we all love to explore our traditional side and sport a rocking saree on different occasions like college farewell, engagement parties, marriages, etc. We can rightfully say traditional is an undying trend especially when it comes to sarees. A couple of years ago heavy sarees were all the hype, but a lot has changed in terms of traditional fashion. Nowadays sarees are usually light and flowy, they are detailed with intricate embroidery, and style in various unique ways. You can spot various fashion icons draping a saree in a very different way. It’s all about making your saree all about you. Here at Shop Blush Pink some of the most trendy ways to style the latest Indo Western Outfits and stand out from the crowd. It’s super easy to be presentable and stylish with these tips and tricks. 

  • Draping: By just altering the way you drape your saree you can change your whole look! The technique you use to drape your saree can say a lot about your understanding of the latest fashion trends. You no longer have to stick to the mainstream ways of draping a saree, those styles are although classic, have been quite done and dusted. You can get creative and try on some couture style, you could also play around and add your own touch when it comes to saree draping. 
  • Earrings: When it comes to accessories, earrings are a must! You would be surprised to notice how much difference it could create in your look. The right set of earrings can totally amp up your whole look. There are a variety of earring styles you can choose from, there are chandbalis, jhumkas, latkans, chandeliers, and many more. Pair the right one with any one of our elegant party wear indo western saree options of your choice and elevate your whole look.
  • Necklace: No matter whether you choose to wear a Kanjivaram, Banarsi, or even a plain chiffon saree pairing it with a nice necklace is the best way to add a bit of extra style to your look. One has countless options when it comes to styling and accessorizing party wears indo western saree with different necklines. 
  • Maang tikka: This one’s personal favorite because it is so unique to classical Indian fashion and tradition. And what better way to wear a maang tikka than with a fancy saree. It is the perfect head accessory to accentuate your look. Maang tikka works best when you are going for a light and casual hairstyle. 
  • Bangles: Bangles are one of the most traditional accessories that are used uniquely by the Indian woman, than anywhere else in the entire world. They are a symbol of womanhood, femininity, and ethnicity that complement the outfit and its design. You can accentuate the look by teaming up some fancy matching colorful bangles or even choose contrasting ones.
  • Rings: Rings can also be such an eye-catching charm when paired correctly with a saree. It is super easy to add a dash of sparkle to your look with a big cocktail ring. Teaming up a saree with an oversized cocktail ring is an ongoing trend. All you have to keep in mind is the size of the ring and the color of the saree.
  • Footwear: Most of us think only heels can be worn with a saree. But this trend has evolved quite a bit! We believe that wearing a saree is all about confidence, attitude, and traditions. not as much about the stereotypes that society wants us to believe. Afterall fashion is all about breaking the rules!  Heels give your saree a perfect grace and look indeed, however, different styles such as Kolhapuri or Mojaris/Juttis can also go well with the latest indo western outfits
  • Belts: It may seem like sarees worn on belts are not very mainstream, but you’d be surprised to know this style is not as new as you think. Silver and gold Kamar belts have been an essential saree accessory in most parts of India for ages. Belts are a way of accentuating your waistline thus making your look elegant. They come in a variety of styles and designs. 

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