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How to Get A Perfect Look With Party Wear Ethnic Gowns?

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Ethnic Gowns’ are the perfect choice especially on those ‘we have nothing to wear days’ mainly because we can style them in so many ways! You can never run out of new looks with a classic ethnic gown! This is indubitably the most versatile style out there. As we all know the festive season is already here, and we believe a Party Wearing Ethnic Gown could work beautifully for you with the right gown and right accessories, and the right styling. An ethnic look is all about adding the right layers and allowing them to synchronize aesthetically. But deciding on these layers can be a bit overwhelming, so here are our top tips on how you can get the perfect look when styling a party and wear an ethnic gown for all your festive occasions coming up this season! 


  • Party Wearing Ethnic GownWhich gown would be right for you?

First things first, let’s talk about selecting the right gown. When choosing your outfit it is imperative to widen your horizons and pick out a gown that’s unique and stands out. A traditional gown is so much more than a flowy long dress! They come with a stylish belt, to enhance your waist, some are with a light jacket for layering, and some even have intricately placed drapes, and the most common is the indo-western gowns. So spend a good amount of time browsing at the various designs and pick one that you like and suits your style. For e.g, if you want a more effortless and simple look go for a light and flowy ethnic gown if you are the more trendy type try out some palazzo outfits, and you want to stand out go crazy with the indo-western look try out a crop top on a saree, or tailored trousers, cause why not?


  • Which Fabric should you choose?

Another important aspect of a gown is, of course, its material. When it comes to a gown, it is the material that does all the talking. This is why the material could make or break your whole look. Choosing one that is right for you is quite simple. Some materials can always fit perfectly with a party to wear an ethnic gown, such as silk, georgette, linen, chiffon, etc. They are rich, classical, and can never get old. 

But we also encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try out some new trending material as well. Designers these days have been experimenting with various kinds of material combinations. If you want to make a statement, this would be a perfect choice. But you must also keep in mind the material should be appropriate for the weather after a perfect look is only complete when fashion and comfort go together. 


  • Are ethnic gowns body inclusive?

We believe ethic wear gowns can be everyone! But if you are looking for a gown that’s trending for your body type we have a few recommendations. The flowy design of an Anarkali or a jacketed dress suits a leaner person. If you believe your legs are your best feature we suggest slit gowns or georgette sarees for party wear. If you want a literal head-turning look, you can check out some beautiful backless gowns, or gowns that come with an embroidered or sequenced dupatta. If you want to accentuate your waist try out traditional gowns that come with a belt, or the evergreen lehenga look. It’s all about which feature you wish to highlight the most. 


  • How to get the perfect fit?

Your perfect look can go to vain without the right fit. This is why it is important to get your gown ready well in advance for any last-minute alterations. It should have a proper fit and length. While say an Anarkali can be of a looser fit, your place dresses or trousers must be well-tailored. All outfits should not be body-hugging and should have enough room, especially on the thighs and chest to help you move about freely. Because if you got the look might as well make it perfect for you and your needs. 


  • How do you accessorize? 

Pairing your gown with matching jewelry adds that touch of glamour, it doesn’t matter if it’s real, gold, metal, or plastic. But a design that matches adds to the perfect traditional aesthetic. Diamonds and studs are such an evergreen look, if your outfit is already heavy with lots of details of embroidery or sequence, simple diamonds and studs would work perfectly with the dress. An exquisite dupatta, that is unique and detailed could also work with a gown, it makes for an ideal statement piece. Last but not least is selecting your footwear, most traditional gowns go well with simple stilettos or heels. But you also carry along with foldable traditional flat ballet shoes in case the heels get a bit uncomfortable. 

As we can see traditional dresses are for everyone! It’s all about selecting the right one and adding some details. If you are on the hunt for your perfect party wear a traditional gown don’t forget to check out Shop Blush Pink – your go-to store for your ethnic outfits! 

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