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Indo-Western Dresses for Female – How to Choose The Right One?

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Indo Western fashion perfectly combines traditional fashion and modern creativity. Such outfits have become increasingly popular in today’s fashion trends. It started off with the basic kurta and jeans trends and has now evolved into many unique designs. It is the new fashion statement for the average Indian Woman. It is so versatile that it could suit any given event or occasion. Whether it’s going to the office, a romantic date, or another celebration you can always look spot on with the right Indo Western outfit. In order for you to make most of this undying fashion trend, we have helped with a couple of tips and tricks that could come in handy when styling your perfect Indo Western look.

Office Wear: When it comes to formal clothing, functionality is the topmost priority. If you are going to be stuck within a single space with a single outfit it better be classy and stylish, and an Indo Western outfit brings you just that! To make a statement with your office outfit we recommend you go for a floral gown and pair it up with a beautiful Hand-Embroidered Jacket. With this style, it is super easy to make a statement even with your daily office wear.

Date Night: Who said a date night outfit cannot be room, comfortable, and stunning? Once you try on an IndoWestern look it would definitely become your go-to date night look.  A simple printed Kaftan Gown can do a lotto your whole look, just by itself. Another outfit option could be a printed skirt with a denim shirt, depending on the venue of the outing. If you are looking out for a more formal evening look we would highly recommend a simple soft saree gown. 

Wedding and Receptions: Weddings and Receptions is a space where everyone puts forth their fanciest look. We see loads of shine, heavy material, and elegant designs. The usual type of ethnic wear being sarees and elaborate Anarkali dresses. with the advent of Indo-western clothing, the avenues have opened up sevenfold. This is why when selecting an indo-western look, there are loads of options you can collect from. For e.g, you could pick an Embroidered Gown from our website and add on some stunning heels or the 3 piece Lehenga saree along with some jazzy accessories. Be known as the fashionista at your next wedding event.

Traveling: Travel outfits can be quite tricky. They need to be light, flowy, comfortable, and not too delicate either. The outfit should be comfortable and presentable even when you wear it for long hours. A light resort-style dress could be just perfect! It meets all your needs while helping you look elegant as ever. Even an airy gown would work really well for some adventurous and long road trips.

You can choose the indo-western style even if you do not specifically have any indo-western outfits. One of the subtle ways to nail the Indo-Western look is to wear a typical Indian piece of jewelry with your otherwise western outfit. With the right selection of jewelry, you could pretty much do this with just about any outfit in your closet. One of our favorite accessories for Indianizeany outfit is a bindi or maang tikka, you could wear these with your gown or you could also put on some bangles with your dress. Statement pieces are such an essential and when paired correctly can revamp any old outfit into a new Indo Western look. 

So, whether you’re going to the office, a cocktail party, attending a wedding, or simply out and about in the city, Indo-Western outfits are the best way to blend style and functionality. It’s a style you would instantly fall in love with. 

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