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Trendy Wedding Outfits that Ever Indian Women Must Have

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The wedding season is right around the corner! It has indeed been a while since we have had an excuse to get all glammed up. So if you need a wedding outfit for just a small get-together or a traditional gown in for an elaborate celebration, it’s the perfect time to look your best. But sometimes choosing that perfect traditional outfit that has a trendy look can get a bit challenging with the added festive pressure. After scoping through a couple of trends we predict this season is going to be all about ethnic gowns that have some traditional elements along with some creative touches. It’s the perfect amalgamation of classy and trendy. 

Here’s our list of top 7 must-have wedding outfits! 

Ethnic gowns aren’t the same anymore, it is so much you can choose from, and we are here to help you pick the perfect gown that suits your style. 

  • Jacket Style GownThe slit gown look

Unlike your traditional lehengas or sarees, ethnic gowns are usually monochrome. So if you want to add a bit of color duality to your outfit the slit gown would be a perfect choice. This slit trend is definitely here for the long haul, its versatility and comfort makes it an all-time favorite. This sensational design, styles itself, is perfect for those who wish to look effortlessly glamorous! 

  • Jacket Style Gown 

With this look, you can always ditch the Traditional Gown Style, by adding a jacket that blends in with your ethnic gown. These fusion looks are sure going to be all the craze this festive season. There is also a range of color options you can choose from to match your skin tone and style. With a beautiful flowy jacket following your elegant ambiance, you would look and feel like a million bucks! 

  • The Palazzo Look! 

Here’s the ideal modern-day twist to your ethnic look. We like to call this the desi diva look. Be the spotlight at any event with this creative style. Replace your simple gown with some flowy pant style design with a carefully pleated drape. To add a bit of your own style and personality to the outfit, we recommend pair it up with some beautiful statement earrings, a traditional clutch, and of course some classic high heeled stilettos if you want a more indo-western vice or some traditional heels depending on your style. 

  • The Flowy and Fluid Gown.

This one is what we call #OutfitGoals! Fashion is all about making your own choice and finding the right textures and patterns that work for you. The best thing about a flowy gown anyone can pull it off, all you have to choose is the right color pair it with some traditional accessories and you are good to go! An outdoor breezy wedding, maybe on a rooftop, or a garden, or beachside would work as a perfect setting for this type of gown. Be the center of attention, as you pass by, dance, and have some giggles at all your upcoming wedding scenes. 

  • Indo-Western Saree look:

Give your saree a modern twist, with creative draping methods. When it comes to an Indo-western look there are no boundaries as to what you can do, you style it your way and be the spotlight at any party. The best thing about this outfit idea is that you can style it whatever is already lying around in your closet. You can choose to pair it with any crop top of your choice, and even add in a pair of well-tailored trousers for a more edgy look!

  • Lehenga: 

It’s classic, it’s sophisticated and magically graceful. Lehengas are a go-to option when choosing a dazzling wedding look. A flowy georgette material works perfectly when you want to look like royalty. Luxury Lehengas often display exquisite embroidery and sequence. With Lehengas it is all in the details. At Blust Pink, we have a range of ethnic lehengas that are exclusively made to fit your style.

  • The Dupatta Gown Outfit:

Dupattas are iconic to Indian culture, and with the upcoming fashion trends, you can wear this classical piece however you like! And our best recommendation is to pair it up with a beautiful flowy gown! This outfit is not just extremely fashionable it’s extremely comfy too! You can move around, dance freely, look fabulous, and be confident with comfort. Who would not want to try out this look!? 

We are sure you are spoiled for choice with all the elaborate wedding outfits you can choose from! But remember fashion is all about making the outfit yours. And well if you need a visual catalog for any of your must-have wedding outfits do check out Shop Blush Pink, from flowy gowns to some fancy lehengas we got you the best of the best! 

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